Why Choose Vessel

There are many advantages for philanthropic individuals to establish an account with Vessel Christian Foundation.   Individuals, who have been blessed financially, can accomplish their charitable objectives in religious, scientific, health, education and benevolence in the name of Christ through Vessel.  Vessel gives donors who are looking to establish private foundations or Donor Advised Funds with existing community foundations or charities a more efficient alternative. 

Vessel Christian Foundation is in the form of a tax-exempt public charity and structured much like a community foundation with the body of Christ being the community. Though much of the money given each year will be used to support existing charitable organizations, Vessel is not directly controlled or legally affiliated with any specific charity.  Vessel is also able to act as trustee for charitable trusts and supporting organizations.  By pooling resources for many charitable projects, the foundation can support one joint staff and take advantage of the obvious economies of scale.  When a donor funds a project with Vessel Christian Foundation, their charitable goals become the foundation’s goals as long as they fall within the legal parameters allowed by the IRS and the policies established by the Board of Directors of the foundation.

There are several types of charitable projects in the foundation; Operating Projects, Giving Fund Projects (Donor Advised Funds), Supporting Organizations and Future Funding Projects.  Individuals establishing a project can act as the manager of the project or appoint another individual or group of individuals to serve as manager.  Administration services for Vessel Christian Foundation are provided at a very reasonable cost.