Q & A with Scott Hulst

Q: What is Vessel Christian Foundation?

A: Vessel is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Several years ago, a group of Christian men and women discussed the idea of an organization that would allow families to continue their giving in support of God’s kingdom but with much greater impact and with tax saving benefits. Ultimately, Vessel is a service that is helping make dreams come true for families, businesses and the Christian ministries and organizations that receive support.

Q: How is it different from other non-profit foundations seeking donor support?

A: First, we offer more flexibility and creativity through donor advised funds. For example, a couple called us and said they wanted to make a gift and had a timing issue. They needed some tax shelter by the year’s end but still need to conduct some research on where their gifts should go. They made the gift by setting up a family giving fund, received the tax savings, and have as much time as they need to decide which organizations they want to support.  Second, Vessel allows you to focus your giving on meeting local needs. Most importantly, our mission is Christ-centered and the Board of Directors for Vessel evaluates recipients of funds to ensure they uphold the mission.

Q: What was the motivation behind getting Vessel started?

A: Simply put: unmet needs. People want their giving to have greater impact. They want to work with an organization that can offer the advice and expertise to help them accomplish this. Vessel exists to serve the donor and the organizations who receive funds and services. It’s not about us. It’s about them. Their timing, their goals and dreams, and how they want to leave their legacy.

Q: Who can get involved with Vessel?

A: We are looking for two distinct groups: donors and partners. Whether someone gives $50 to support the general fund or $50,000 to create their own family fund, sustained support will allow us to continue operating and providing these services. We are also hoping to develop more partnerships with organizations who can benefit from Vessel. We don’t just dole out money – we can also provide fundraising consulting and services. Churches, missions organizations, bible camps and other Christian ministries are great examples of partners we would love to work with.

Q:  What about those who simply want to give to their church?

A: We are not looking to replace the giving most folks do directly to their church or any other organization. You can certainly give through Vessel. We hope to provide gift planning services and advice that can allow your gift to have greater impact for your church.

Q: What do you hope to see happen with Vessel now and in the future?

A: We have already had the privilege of working with some wonderful families, donors and organizations.  Word of mouth has been a powerful tool. We hope to continue growing in donors and partners by building on our positive reputation, increasing awareness through events and communication, and reaching out to organizations who can align with us for the benefit of those they serve. It’s a win-win for everyone.